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ARBOR INN & SUITES is a BBB Accredited Motel in Lubbock, TX

Lubbock Local Guide

I started doing the local guide to help answer common questions about Lubbock, but it has grown into something more personal. I noticed several hotel chains claiming to be your home away from home, but not telling you, the guest, anything about themselves. That is what makes us different. We want you to become part of our extended family. This is why we share personal information on the local guide and also on our Facebook page. If we do not tell you something that is dear to our heart, how can we ask you to be family? Let us show you how Arbor Inn and Suites treats our guests.


Texas Tech baseball did an outstanding job this year. First appearance at the College Baseball World Series. What an incredible accomplishment for Coach Tadlock who is in his 2nd season at Tech. We are looking forward to 2015 baseball.


Overall Texas Tech sports are doing well.  Kingsbury is coming off a great first season and looking to add more excitement to the field.  Ticket sales are up and the fan base is pleased at what they are seeing on the field.

Coach Smith had a good run last year on the hard-court and looks to improve on his success this year. We wish him the best of luck.


I hope everyone recognizes the incredible job Kirby Holcutt has done in the 3 years he

has been here. Without his leadership there is no telling where we would be. I think sometime we look at the Athletic Director when things are going wrong but never give him praise when the are going right. In my humble opinion you are the true power behind RAIDER POWER. Thank you for all you do for the fans of Texas Tech.


We are a local family business and, as such, we try to recommend similar businesses. So, our restaurants of choice for this month are Flat Iron Grill and Triple J.  FYI the Chick-fill-a is closed on slide for a remodel until the middle of July.  The have on on 82nd and Milwaukee.  If you have an eatery you enjoy, just let us know. We can give them a shout out.    


Our family and staff appreciate all our guests who have stayed with us in 2013, and we hope that we will continue to be your first choice for 2014.


If you have any questions about Lubbock or our hotel just give a shout on Facebook or Twitter.


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